How? Learn to Speak English - Tips and Techniques to Better English

English is the mother tongue of the world and you will find English speaking people on every continent and in every country. If you are reading this article then you are one of those people that DON'T speak English as your first language and obviously this is presenting you with a problem.

In what way can this affect you? Well for starters it can affect you in almost every way. If you look at the statistics of how many people worldwide want and need to learn English it's scary, and it seems that this number is growing everyday of people wanting to learn how. Learn to speak English in an English speaking community and I can promise you that life gets easier, period. Let's look at some possible downfalls of a lack of English speaking ability.

1-It can limit your ability to find a good job or any job for that matter.

2-It may stop you from getting a promotion or increase due to communication issues.

3-It can limit the amount of friends you can make.

4-Cause problems in schools, universities and any learning environment.

5-May stop you from emigrating because of the communication boundaries you will face.

6-You may be getting pre-judged by others in your community.

7-General loneliness or a feeling of not "fitting in."

These are but a few of the issues that non-English speaking people are faced with.

However, fear not because there are MANY ways to learn English provided you put in the effort.You may ask: How? Learn to speak English?! Yeah right...Well if this is your attitude now then that is the first thing you need to change. If you are already a positive person who is ready to tackle this language and tame the "English beast" then you are half way home my friends.

How? Learn to speak English? Lets go!

Tip 1:
Read as many newspapers, articles and magazines as you can. Find a topic you are interested in and read all that you can about it. You will be surprised at how fast you will learn. Repetition is the key to success with this.

Tip 2:
Ask any English speaking friends or family members to speak to and answer you in English.This will help you put into practice what you are learning from reading. Another advantage of this method is the grammar and "style" that you will learn regarding the English spoken language.

Tip 3:
Keep a translation dictionary with you at all times to translate a certain word as you hear it. This keeps learning fresh and up to date.

Tip 4:
Keep a diary of your progress as this is a great way to see and track your progress.
Practice, practice and...did I mention practice?

So when you get a question like this popping up in your head:


Remember that a positive attitude puts you half way home
Learning English is NOT rocket science. It is hard work, but if you want it badly enough you will get there my friends. There are also many cheap programs online that will get you to your goal ten times faster than the above tips.However, I would recommend a combination the two for best results.


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