First Impression of The First Day School, 4 Things an English Teacher Should do

In the first day school every teacher got their own rules. It can built such kind of understanding between a teacher and his/her students. I notice there are 3 points that teacher should tell the students to do to make the class conducive especially for an English teacher:

1. Attendance, in Indonesia especially in a private school, students attendance are minimum. Their motivation are lesser than the state school students. So, it is very important to make a bound between a teacher and students to reach the target. If the students miss their target the consequence is they will not be passed or not allowed to follow exam.

2. Dictionary, every time a student follow an English class to have a dictionary is a must. It likes when they go for a Battle they must bring a weapon with them. Otherwise they will be killed or defeated easily. Dictionary will help the students to understand the translation based on the context. Therefore choosing a good dictionary also important to the students. As long as I know the most contextual dictionary (English-Indonesia, Indonesia-English) is John Echols and Hasan Shadilly's dictionary.

3. Time, to be discipline is one of the key for success. Both teacher and student have to be on time with the schedule in order to make the activity goes well as the plan.

4. Activeness, in the students center learning-based, students activeness will make the class active. Every single chapter the teacher gives, students are encouraged to find anything related to it both in group or individually. Teacher will assess them based on their effort and finally from their competencies as the result of the activity.


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