Simple Present Tense

Pattern :

Affirmative Verbal : S + verb 1 + O
e.g. I like English (Remember:A sentence using third person pronoun, the verb should be added with s/es. e.g. She likes English, He brings the bag, It breaks the glass.

Affirmative Non verbal : S + to be present (is, am, are) + Non verbs (adjective/noun/adverb)
e.g. I am happy, they are students, He is here

Negative Verbal : S + Do/Does + not + v1 + O
*note : We use do for Subjects: I, You, They, We
and does for : He, She, It (3rd person pronoun)
e.g. I don't like it, They don't do that, He doesn't bring the umbrella, etc.

Negative Non Verbal : S + To be Present + not + Non verbs
e.g. I am not happy, they are not students, He is not here

Interrogative Verbal
Yes/No Question
Do/Does + S + Verb 1 + O e.g. Do you like the show? Does She like it?
Wh Question + How / Information Question
Who, what, when, where, why and how + Do/Does + S + Verb 1
e.g. What do you do? When does she go to the barber shop? Why do you love me? etc.
It is a bit different if we use who for asking subject. We don't need do or does.
e.g. Who wants to be a millionaire? I do. Comparing to who for asking object Who(m)do you ask? I ask my father.

Interrogative Non Verbal :
Yes/No Question
To be Present + S + Non Verb e.g. Are you happy?
Wh Question + how / Information Question
Who, what, when, where, why and how + to be present + S + Complement
e.g. Who are you? what is that? How are you?


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